Echometer analysis is a technique that is specialized for evaluation of measuring data in oil wells, with teams of Echometer, which measured the casing pressure and depth of level of liquid in the ring and the pressure of the bottom. This allows the direct estimation of both data based on theoretical equations and as a result, the background pressure and the level of liquid can be directly compared with the theoretical relations.

Analysis Techniques:

  Automatic Counting Tubing Collars

  Depth by Acoustic Velocity/Gas Specific Gravity

Downhole Markers

  • Cross-over and landing nipples
  • Perforations
  • Gas Lift mandrel – Low Pass Filter

   High Fluid Levels

   Time Rate of Casing Fill-up

   Liquid Level Depression Test – Walker Method

   Measure Annular Gas Flow Rate

  Acoustic Tracking Plunger Fall

Well Analyzer

  • High accuracy analog to digital converter
  • User-friendly software
  • Acoustic fluid level and bottom hole pressure measurements
  • Dynamometer tests
  • Engine Power/Current
  • Pressure Transient